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Graduate Institute of American Studies
Since 1973 the Graduate Institute of American Studies at Tamkang University has been committed to intensive study of the United States, including American politics,foreign policy, economics, and culture.
In 1989, Tamkang University became the first and only school in Taiwan to establish a Graduate Institute of Latin American Studiesdevoted to this increasingly important region of the world.
These two progressive and highly innovative graduate institutes were successfully merged in 2009 to form one entity, christened the Graduate Institute of the Americas (GIA) to better reflect the growing interdependence among the various countries on the continent.
Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies
Founded in 1983, the Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies (GIIASS) focuses on research in international politics, international security, regional affairs, and strategy.? At present, we provide both Ph.D. and master programs for domestic and foreign students who are interested in international affairs or strategic studies.
Graduate Institute of Asian Studies
Asia is the area of human activity for a long history, and full of diversity of culture, religion and philosophy. In recent years, as a result of economic development, Asia has received more attention by the world. Meanwhile, accompanying with the economic development which results in politic change and democratization in Asia, even the issues of the development of constitutionalism, human rights, security protection, and economic integration, etc., Asia has becoming the focus of global concern. In the vast areas of Asia, East Asia is the place of our life and co-existence and prosperity. The most important adjacent neighbors of Taiwan were Japan to the north, South-East Asian countries to the south. There are close relationship among those areas. It is necessary to understand and study both two neighbors. Based on this understanding, the Tamkang University decides to establish the Graduate Institute of Asian Studies. Under the Institute, it sets up two sections, one Japanese Studies, another one Southeast Asian Studies.
Graduate Institute of Chinese Studies
Fifty years ago separation prevented the people in Taiwan from taking a close look at the political and economic developments, and many other changes in culture, education, laws and regulations in Mainland China. Nowadays, cross-strait relations have entered a brand new stage with close personal relationships as well as economic and trade exchanges between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. The time for launching thorough and comprehensive research on Mainland China is ripe.
These developments prompted the Ministry of Education to dispatch an official request, dated August 11, 1991, to Tamkang University. The request asked Tamkang to conduct research on cross-strait relations. The Ministry of Education even suggested that a Graduate Institute of Chinese Studies be established to train researchers to undertake in-depth studies on Mainland China affairs to promote practical solutions and ways to cope with the ever-changing cross-strait situation in the future. Besides, we have been offering a master program since 1998.
Graduate Institute of European Studies
The Graduate Institute of European Studies offers a variety of courses for the master's degree (two to four years of study on average) in the fields of European Integration and Slavic studies. Since 2000, our Institute has offered the doctor's program in the same field as master's degree. Since 2009, we have set up two divisions of European Union and Slavic Studies at the master's level.


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